Shipping, Returns & Refund Policy


Standard shipping for one The Parent Deck is $5.50. Shipping for up to three Parent Decks is $7.50 total. Shipping for more than 3 decks will be calculated before order processing. Please contact Biteena if you wish to purchase more than 3 Parent Decks.

Shipping international orders is possible, however please contact Biteena for shipping information and cost.


The Parent Deck may be returned only if packaging is unopened. If you are unsure how to use The Parent Deck, please refer to The Parent Deck page to view Biteena’s introductory videos or consider purchasing The Parent Deck Coaching Session to get you started.


If for any reason you wish to discontinue your coaching sessions with Best Parent, Best Child, you may request a pro-rated per session refund for the remaining sessions. Please contact Biteena to request a refund.
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