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As unique living beings, children do not come with an instruction manual so BPBC has created an e-Guide to accompany you on your parenting journey.

To benefit the most from using the workbook, let go of the idea of perfection and simply focus each day on the positive already present in yourself and your child. Paying attention to the good in yourself and your family automatically helps you grow in wonderful ways!


“Biteena offers a practical, insightful and inspiring way of looking at parenting. This book is a gem that has something to offer parents of children of all ages who want to deepen their ability to positively nurture their children.”

-Dr Jasmin Aquan-Assee,
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

These companion books look at parenting from the perspective of seven primary roles that correspond with seven core developmental needs:
  1. Provide safety: help your child feel secure and healthy.
  2. Grow self-esteem: help your child feel worthy.
  3. Empower: help your child feel capable.
  4. Show love: help you child feel connected.
  5. Encourage self-expression: help your child learn healthy communication.
  6. Support vision: help your child see possibilities and potentials.
  7. Celebrate life: help your child feel inspired and open to life.
These categories follow the chakra framework (the body’s energy system). Parents have a range of opportunities to maximize their child’s potential by nurturing these centers of power in their child.

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“This guidebook outlines valuable, user-friendly information and situations for the parent, grandparent and caregiver of children to relate to and utilize in real-time situations. Biteena Frazier has done an excellent job delineating the education of safety, self-esteem, empowerment, love, encouragement, support, and the celebration of who you are — a must read.”

Dona Rudderow Sturn, Founder CEO,
The JNP Project, A Self-Esteem Discovery Movement for Children

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