See potential
rather than
Shift from
problem thinking
to possibility thinking.

Parents, teachers and caregivers have three tools for bringing out the best in children: building relationship, setting limits and role modeling.

Specializing in supporting expat and international parents, Best Parent, Best Child offers programs that help caregivers bring out the best in themselves so they can maximize their child’s potential.

Parent Empowerment

1 session, 60 minutes – $150
Includes The Parent Deck®

BPBC-ParentDeckThis one session is guaranteed to help you begin to make positive change. Experiencing the power of solution-focused coaching can help you decide if you want to commit to a more in-depth, transformative process.

This session stands alone – however, it also includes a $150 credit which may be applied to any follow-up coaching package of $500 or more.

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Parent Breakthrough Package

10 sessions, 60 minutes each
10 installments of $300 each, or $2500 for single payment

BPBC-GoldenEggVerticalIf you are experiencing overwhelm or going through a major life transition, this transformative process helps you parent with a positive spirit, anchored in your values, priorities and goals. Take time out to recharge and recalibrate so you can support your family feeling energized and motivated. When you commit to this 4D process, you Discover your strengths, Dream about the life you desire, Design small steps to work toward your goal and celebrate your new Destiny as you begin to live your dreams. This structured by fluid process helps you feel more at ease and able to parent with a peaceful heart and focused mind.

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Leaving Well

1 session, 60 minutes – $300

BPBC-EggWithNestRelocation is one of the biggest stressors a family can experience. Prepare yourself and your child well in this single session that helps you build your RAFT. Based on the work of David Pollock, co-author of Third Culture Kids, this session will equip you with the essential tools that will help you and your family “leave well,” supporting your family’s successful transition to your new home.

Settling In Well

1 session, 60 minutes – $300

BPBC-EggInNestCulture shock can rattle even the strongest families to their foundation. Based on a framework developed by David Pollock, co-author of Third Culture Kids, this single session will help you understand the dynamics of the transition process so you can better weather the storms of change and feel more empowered to handle your family’s transition with ease.

Relocation Package

4 sessions, 60 minutes each – $1000

BPBC-GroupOfEggsIn addition to “Leaving Well” (one month prior to your move) and “Settling In Well” (as soon after your arrival as possible) this package offers two follow up coaching sessions to support your family’s transition to a new home. The two additional support sessions are offered 3-6 months after your relocation, typically the most stressful period following a major move. The Relocation Package helps you manage the change and challenge of an international move by keeping you grounded and positive through the process.

Grief Support Package

4 sessions, 60 minutes each – $1000

BPBC-NestThe loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, bringing with it an array of emotions that families are not accustomed to dealing with. When a family is thrown into the turmoil of grief, parents often worry about how best to support their children and children have worries of their own. The healing journey can be a long and arduous one but also miraculous, with every family’s healing a testament to the indomitable human spirit. As a bereaved parent, Biteena offers her personal and professional support to help you through your darkest hour.

All coaching Packages include The Parent Deck®, session summaries, select additional materials and email support as needed in between sessions. Coaching sessions are conducted via Skype.

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